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Building an 8mm Telecine Machine with Style

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The first step was to obtain a projector. Most telecine DIY-ers seem to be using the well made and modern Eumig dual-8 projectors. Mom bought Dad one of these in the 70’s, but it never had the same emotional appeal for me as the classic DeJUR.

So it was natural for me to start with the one I loved. Dad only shot a little Super 8, so I was content to make a Regular-8mm-only telecine. The old DeJUR machines are readily available on Ebay, and I ordered this one…
It’s an earlier model than the one Dad had, but I think the older base style matches the rest of the machine better. Industrial design is important!

The Ebay seller wrapped some shredded newspaper around the projector, stuffed it loose into that neat old wooden case, and wrapped the latter with cardboard and packing tape.

The projector must have bounced around a lot, since it hammered the case to pieces in the mail, but happily, the projector and its 750 watt lamp were unscathed. It worked perfectly out of the box. And it smelled just the way I remembered.

I took the machine apart, cleaned it all up, and set aside the parts I don’t need – mostly just the lamp, socket, heat shields and blower. My machine will be cool in more ways than one. Of course, without the heat, the old familiar smell is gone, too, so in a moment of weakness, I bought another DeJUR from Ebay.

This one came with all the original accessories, including a full bottle of genuine DeJUR projector oil, and the wooden case arrived in perfect (old and worn) condition. Now I can enjoy the sounds and smells and compare the digital telecine viewing experience side by side with the way it used to be. And, of course, I now have spare parts for the telecine. Maybe I need help…


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